Getting Started

To get started, simply add John Done to your call.

Dialing In

To get started, simply dial John Done at (202) 852-5418.

Soon he will be able to dial your contacts for you. Until then, you can create a conference call on most smartphones:

  • Tap Add Call.
  • Dial your contact.
  • Tap Merge Calls.

We recommend phoning John Done first and activating your call (see below) before adding others to the call.

Call Activation

John Done needs to know that you are who you claim to be, since he’s plugged into your Google calendar and email.

  • Sign in with Google above.
  • Click your name to reveal the dropdown menu.
  • Select “Activate call.”

You can ask him for the activation code on the call, or you can wait for him to provide it when you try to use a feature that requires activation.

Waking John Done

When you are on a call and need his help, just ask, remembering to say “John Done” first.

You can say his name and wait for him to respond. For example:

“John Done”
“Start a time box.”

Or just ask for what you need, saying his name first:

“John Done, start a time box for 5 minutes.”

If you’re worried that he has stopped listening:

“John Done, are you there?”

Time Boxes

Time boxing—setting a timer for the discussion of a particular topic—can be a best practice in some meetings to help keep them on track. Try it:

“John Done, start a time box.”

Taking Notes

John Done can record decisions or take down reminders for you:

“John Done, take a note.”

(He will let you know when he is ready.)

Once you hang up, he will email you a summary of the call, including any notes you have asked him to take.

Calendar Integration

When you’re ready to schedule a follow-up call, John Done can check your calendar for any date that he has overheard. For example, your colleague might say this:

“How about next Thursday?”

You can ask John Done:

“John Done, am I free then?”

When you settle on a time, he can add the meeting to your calendar for you:

“John Done, add that to my calendar.”

Getting Help

John Done can offer tips on working with him:

“John Done, what can you do?”

If you need more help, please email so his human handlers can take over.